Mathtasktic is a web-app for students to submit their answers to multiple step mathematical tasks using a webcam. Built in Node.js and Amazon S3.

Read the project retrospective to get all the technical details.

landing page

Landing page for userts to login or signup.

Student View

student start Once a student signs in, they see all active tasks assigned by their teacher. By clicking a task, they are able to see the individual steps and record their answers.

student camera Here, a student is using the webcam to capture their response to a step.

student confirm The capture image. A student can confirm, return to the capture page, or cancel and return to the task.

student result Once a student confirms their responses, they are able to see how their work captures to the correct work. A student can then correct their work and go on to the next step in the task.

Teacher View

Teacher Start Teachers see all the tasks that they have created. Through the students tag they can view a list of their active students.

Responses to a Task By clicking a task, a teacher can see a students response to each step in a task. They have the ability to send feedback to the student through this page.