Sarah Laskow

Portfolio site for Sarah Laskow Designs. I used a node.js API to feed the interactive front-end allowing for filtering of images based on tags.

I had the pleasure to design and build this site for Sarah, an amazing textile designer who needed a website and portfolio page to showcase her work.

Click here to see the full site.

Main Page

landing page screenshot

The main page starts with a large landing image. As you scroll down the content covers the image and the menu bar sticks to the top, leaving a small sliver of the underlying image.

Portfolio Page

portfolio screenshot

A portfolio page allows potential clients to see the wide variety of designs that Sara creates. Tags can be used to filter which works are currently being shown.

modal screenshot

By clicking any of the works a modal box appears with more information on that piece.

All the portfolio images and information is fed to the front-end by the custom built API. This allows Sarah to manage her portfolio through an admin panel.